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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
PO Box 445
Wabeno, Wisconsin  54566
Trinity Lutheran Church & Risen Savior Lutheran Church

This Week at Risen Savior and Trinity

Worship Theme: Jesus Prepares Us for His Return: He Sends the Promised Holy Spirit to the Ends of the Earth.  

The fifty days have passed and the promised Holy Spirit is poured out upon the Bride of Christ. The once-hidden gospel is no longer the possession of a chosen few. For the Spirit enables the message of salvation to enflame hearts for bearing witness to the ends of the earth. So we see the Holy Spirit, as promised by Jesus, undo the consequence that man received for their arrogance at the Tower of Babel.

Sermon: John 13:31-35
Theme: What is your MO?


Upcoming Events at Trinity or Risen Savior

May 29th will be the last Sunday service that Pastor Nowak will have and June 1st will be the last Trinity Wednesday evening service until further notice. Attend the Trinity Sunday 9:30 AM services until we announce when the Wednesday evening services will be resumed.

There will be no more Trinity Bible Study after May 29th until after our new pastor is installed and resumes it.

Pastor Spaude will serve as our vacancy pastor until our new graduate from the seminary is installed as our new pastor.

Steam Up Days parade in Wabeno on July 10th.

Vacation Bible School at Trinity July 18 - 22, 2016.

Trinity Church Picnic on July 24th.

Risen Savior Vacation Bible School is tentatively scheduled for July 26-28, 2016.

There are all occasion greeting cards available for purchase in the mother's room of the church.